I have always been able to see

the underlying potential in people

Yoga is my inner compass.

An anchor that grounds me through life's challenges.


My greatest passion is to facilitate yoga retreats, classes and workshops all around the world. To create a space where there is the opportunity to feel and accept ourselves on a deep level and this way connect to each other, knowing we are all the same.


Im am originally from Denmark, but I am based in Hungary since 10 years, raising my 2 lovely children Gabriel & Gaia, mostly by the lake Balaton, but now also in Budapest.

I am a graduated as a Healing Your Heart Coach from The Ford Institute in California, and I have also participated in countless spiritual courses, workshops and seminars in Denmark, Europe and India. I am educated as a Yoga teacher from BinduSar Yoga School of India.


My deep interest is the relationship between body, mind and spirit, which has led me in many directions, ranging from psychology to philosophy and spirituality. I'm inspired by Debbie Ford, Gangaji, Esther Perel, Robert Masters, Sarah Powers, Kelly McGonigal, Irene Lyon, Peter Levine, Echart Tolle and Bija Bennet.


Yoga is a way of life, which to me is about opening up and allowing all what life offers, without necessarily being identified with it or escaping it. Yoga is an inner contact to a stable place that doesnt depend on circumstances. It is a daily challenging practice that everyone can learn with a certain amount of willpower and the willingness to let go and face the resistance. To me, it is not a quick fix, but an open meeting with life, where I make myself available every minute and say YES, regardless of whether the sensations and images are perfect or ugly. It is about transforming and embracing feelings without trying to fix them. It requires courage and vulnerability.


Yoga, shadow work and mindfulness give me the tools to handle the chaos in the world inside and in the world outside. After having been through a personal crisis, a deep wish came trough to pass on all my experiences and help others heal. Healing by feeling is my mantra, because I know that what we resist persists.

My mission is to make you love your deepest wounds and to love whatever rises. I believe that the cure is in the pain!


My classes are composed of several different yoga styles, depending on the cycle of the nature, the season and the locations of the planets. Im very inspired by Emotional Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and you will also find elements from Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. Some of the exercises I teach are soft vinaysa flows, which means that the movements are synchronized with the breath in a very gentle and mindful way.

With the practice of yoga we often get in contact with deeper layers, as there is space created for this emergence. Through yoga asanas, we release the blockages in the nadis (the 72,000 energy channels) that prevent our prana from flowing freely and easily.Yoga teaches us to come home in ourselves and find peace. Or to rather rediscover the peace that is always there. Emotions are waves that come and go. In Latin, emotion means movement. It is energy in motion and emotional energy is creative energy. We humans tend to hold on so that these changeable feelings suddenly become a permanent chronic condition we can not let go of. Yoga teaches us to meet the emotions directly without attachment.

Yoga is a strategy to transform and cure emotions, body, mind and spirit. That is the real reason to practice yoga.

To awaken the excitement within all parts.

Your focus will be different and you will feel stronger both physically and mentally, but at the same time also be much more relaxed. Most importantly, you get the opportunity to tune into your feelings and learn not to be attached and react, but rather observe and know when to act.

My classes require a certain amount of willingness to be honest and take a look at your resistance.

Enter the magical world of yoga and experience a deep inner transformation.



Has been hosting Yoga Retreats for 10 years as a devoted Yoga Teacher with a unique style inspired from many different directions.


Her passion is to facilitate transformational processes trough yoga, mindfulness and psychological work.





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