7.- 9. December 2018 at 4:00pm - 8:00pm all 3 days

Location: Yoga Retreat Inspire's studio in Budapest

Price 55.000 Ft



A 3 days intensive Yoga Workshop.

You will receive the invitation to get closer to your emotional life through:

• Soft vinyasa flow (movements syncronized with the breath)

• Yin yoga (deep stretches working on the tissues)

• Pranayama (breathing tecniques)

• Mudras (handgestures to direct the subtle energy in the body)

• Mindfulness (learn how to observe sensations)

• Interoception (sensing the internal state of the body)

• Yoganidra (deep relaxation)


If we dont take care of our emotional life it is living its own life in the subconsciousness, but it doesnt mean that it is not existing. We are just usually so busy that we dont have a moment for ourselves to realize how we really feel and how to handle it.

This unique workshop is your chance to heal by being in a space where there is an opportunity to feel whatever needs to be felt and let go of what no longer serves you. It is your chance to experience the freedom of learning to just be still with the sensations and letting them flow through you. That is why many of the exercises are practiced in a soft flow syncronized with the breath. We are working with the body the same way that we want the emotions to freely flow through us without holding on to them, so they become stagnated and cronical stuck energy.



• The healing power of emotions?


• Using Yoga as emotional therapy?


• How you can reduce, balance out and tonify your own energy levels?




• Stay connected to yourself and experience all your emotions?


• Being able to express yourself fully?


• Feel the love for yourself?


Emotional Yoga is about allowing all sensations to flow freely in and out of the body and the mind. Most importantly to tell the truth about the raw experience. In this workshop we focus on mindfulness.

To accept that there is not always acceptance.To accept shame, chaos and pain and stay present and still with whatever you are experiencing without judgement.


Emotions are waves that come and go. In Latin, emotion means movement. It is energy in motion and emotional energy is creative energy. We humans tend to hold on so that these changeable feelings suddenly become a permanent chronic condition we can not let go of. Emotional yoga teaches you to meet the emotions directly and letting go of the selfmade stories and judgements about why they are good or bad.


Some of the exercises are gentle vinyasa flows, where the movements are synchronized with the breath. It can feel like a dance with emotions. A flow, where we open up and make us receptive. A state of allowing all outer and inner sensations. Emotional yoga is a strategy to transform and cure your emotions, body and mind.That is the authentic reason to practice yoga. To awaken the excitement in all parts.


In a few days, you will learn to control, direct and hold on to energy with yoga techniques such as asanas, mudra, bandha (body lock) and yoganidra. Here you have the opportunity to practice surrendering to what you can not control.


Your focus will be different and you will feel stronger both physically and mentally, but at the same time also be much more relaxed. You get the opportunity to own your vulnerability and most importantly feel your emotions and set yourself free.


The workshop requires willingness to immerse yourselves. The classes are composed of several different yoga styles, depending on the cycle of the nature, the season and the locations of the planets. The red string is Emotional Yoga and Hatha Yoga. There are also elements from Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.


By practising yoga you work through the body and often you get in contact with deeper emotions, which is possible to feel and then release. Through yoga asanas, you release the blockages in the nadis (the 72,000 energy channels) that prevent your prana from flowing freely and easily through the body. It requires a certainty that there is something greater out there for you, holding you when you find it difficult to do it alone. Yoga can offer you great belief if you practice authentically and stay open and curious.


Yoga teaches you to stay grounded in yourselves and find peace. Or rather rediscover the peace that is always there. Enter the magical world of yoga and experience a deep inner transformation. Experience connection by sitting in our holy circle and feel accepted.




• Construct your emotional experiences as emotions and moods rather than final truths


• Take responsibility to shape who you are and what you feel


• Realize that you are not responsible for feelings that occur, but you are responsible for staying in a mood


• Heal annoying or challenging emotions


• Change attitudes and convictions


• Use the body to help change your emotional state


• Understand how your feelings can help you develop character, determination, sensitivity and wisdom


• Develop your spirituality and bring you in harmony with the universe around you



It was as if all parts of my body were filled up and became alive. There were many good breathing exercises and instructions in dealing with emotions, but it was especially the experience that there was suddenly a connection between body, mind and spirit. This made the strongest impression on me. I felt so comfortable in my body - like complete - and felt for the first time in a long time that I was really in touch with it in an enjoyable way. The fact that Majbritt is so honest, genuine and sincere and "down to earth", helps to create the lovely and safe space that make us comfortable to open up.

She is a Yoga Teacher of heart. A practitioner who has found her own way.


Pia Lykke Jespersen, Psychologist & Psychotherapist






Has been hosting Yoga Retreats for 10 years as a devoted Yoga Teacher with a unique style inspired from many different directions.


Her passion is to facilitate transformational processes trough yoga, mindfulness and psychological work.





June 8., 2018



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First time in Budapest



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